Absolute waterproofing

The thickness of the membrane can be varied according to the requirements of each project.

Friendly with the user and environment

DUOFLEX® is a water-based product, free of Voc and harmful odours.

Form a uniform film without joints

DUOFLEX® forms a seamless film, without joint points.

forms a membrane within seconds

The product solidify and form a membrane in a matter of seconds.

Extremely flexibility, more than 1700% elongation

Duoflex® has extremely high flexibility of over 1700%!

Application on irregular surfaces

Duoflex adapts perfectly to irregularity of the surface and can be applied on curved, irregular, vertical or horizontal surfaces.

Cold application

DUOFLEX® is applied at room temperature.

Immediate application on humid surfaces

DUOFLEX® can be applied on humid surfaces or concrete which is not completely dry or cured.

High performance and productivity

A team of two to three workers can apply up to 600m² in one day.

Excellent adhesion to concrete and metal surfaces

DUOFLEX® system, is complety adherent to the surfaces and does not allow the water to pass beneath the membrane.


DUOFLEX® is resistant to a wide range of temperatures,
from -20°c to 90°c.

No need for scaffolding

DUOFLEX® can be applied without scaffolding up to 4 meters high.

Do you have a project and need waterproofing?


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